Problem: Introduction of a new top level off-road shoe based on the best selling S-Works Road Shoe. As the market has evolved more and more riders are choosing high end shoes for gravel riding. Traditionally, high-end off-road shoes were marketed exclusively to XC mountain bike racers but with the expansion of the gravel market we wanted to ensure speaking to all styles of off road customer.



  1. Focus on the terrain. The images above highlight the styles of surface that users identify with both MTB and Gravel riding. By leaning in to the surfaces, we were able to communicate the style of riding without pigeon holing to a specific sport.

  2. On going email support. Features of shoe offer different benefits depending on the sport. We focused on an ongoing communication with email marketing that communicated features based on their terrain.

    • Gravel = Speed: Perfect for long distance gravel racers and riders

    • Sand =Comfort: Come home with feet feeling great. .

    • Mud = Durability: San wont degrade the closure mechanism.

  3. Social Stories: We developed a series of social stories aligned with each email that continued to communicate and reinforce the key technology of the shoe through different channels.

Recon Social.jpg