Arizona Desert

2/22/19 - Rain has washed over the desert here in Arizona. It will be short lived… but, the landscapes are alive with a green that can’t possibly last. The earth, covered with sand and clay, soaks up the rain as soon as it lands pulling it down deep inside the ground leaving the roots of the desert vegetation grasping for a final drink before the intense summer heat arrives in a few weeks.  

For now, though, it’s alive with new smells that change every few feet as you walk. Colors are present that feel all at once foreign and perfectly at home, they dot the hillsides making mosaics fitting of Spanish tiles.

It’s a desolate and beautiful place.  As an urban dweller its so easy to forget the scale of places like this. Once you dip out of sight of the suburbs it feels endless, like staring off into the ocean and seeing nothing but the horizon.  It seems you could walk in any direction and find nothing for days.

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