Camping in Tahoe

No better time of year than fall to get the truck out on the road and find some new places.  Good views from up on Mt. Watson overlooking Lake Tahoe down below. 

I recently went to Australia

Admittedly... I went to Australia for work so it didn't leave much time for exploration.  With that said, I climbed a mountain on Hamilton Island and saw a million people playing PokemonGO at the Sydney Opera house.

Thanks Australia, next time... i'm holding a fuckin' koala. 

Tao in the tunnel.

Tao Geoghegan Hart is going to be a force in the pro peloton in the next 5 years.  

After turning down a contract with Team SKY for the 2016 season, Tao will be racing on AXEON Hagens Berman.  A USA based development squad run by Axle Merckx. 

last month, he spent time with un in Morgan Hill, California testing in the Specialized Wind Tunnel ahead of the coming race season.  

The Fisherman

I often feel like photographing public candids is essentially the same thing as staring in "The Most Dangerous Game." I spent 20min wandering around the beach... humming the mission impossible theme to myself trying to capture a few shots of a fisherman.  

Funny thing... while he actually had no idea what i was doing... a surprise turn of events happened and the same man i'd been hunting for sport addressed me and asked "would you mind taking my picture?"  Perfect! Thank you world for aligning and making me feel far less creepy. "i'll do you one better, how about i shoot with my camera and I'll send you a few shots after?"